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St. Monica fundraiser to honor Sister Noreen O’Connor’s 70 years of religious life
At 88, St. Joseph of Carondelet Sister Noreen O’Connor has certainly earned her rest, even if she is unlikely to take it. As she approaches her 70th jubilee on April… Read More
“Lord, teach us how to pray”
“Prayer is where we meet God,” master catechist John Michael Reyes told Catholic San Francisco. “Jesus didn’t tell them to read the Torah,” he said. “He was saying, ‘I just… Read More
Holy Name of Jesus parish celebrates diamond jubilee of church dedication
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church celebrated their 60th anniversary of the dedication of their Church by Archbishop McGuckin on Sunday, April 7, 2024.
“Do not be afraid”: Gabriel Project volunteers take pregnant women and families in crisis under their wing
Like its namesake angel who told Mary, “do not be afraid” after her pregnancy with Jesus was revealed, the Gabriel Project promised the couple it could help them and assured… Read More
Rev. John A. Balleza, COSJ
Father John A. Balleza passed into eternal life over Easter weekend at the Contemplatives of St. Joseph Monastery at Mater Dolorosa at the age of 70 years. 
Dominicans celebrate Father Bruno Gibson’s “priestly joy”
San Francisco-born Father Gibson was an active Dominican priest until three months before his death on March 11 at age 92. One month prior to his death, Father Gibson was… Read More
Evangelization Expertise
“Continuing education for priests is important to be able to understand the world and how to best minister in that world. We wouldn’t be able to engage in this continuing… Read More
Centennial Celebration of St. Mary’s Park
Archbishop Joseph Alemany, OP, the first Archbishop of San Francisco, desired to build a college in the city shortly after the Archdiocese was founded. Purchasing a piece of farmland property,… Read More

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Letters, statements, articles, and memos

June 30, 2020 – Op-Ed: Statues of St. Junipero Serra Deserve to Stay
The Washington Post PDF English Post opinion page June 30, 2020Statues of Saint Junípero Serra deserve to stayBy Salvatore Joseph Cordileone Salvatore Joseph Cordileone is the Archbishop of San… Read More
“From Slavery to Freedom: the Journey Fueled by Trust and Service”
The struggle to journey from slavery to freedom is very much what this night is about.  The story began long ago with a people chosen by God who were being… Read More
“A Lesson for Christian Living, or an Empty Ritual?  What It Means to Wash Feet”
Far from some sort of sentimental gesture or folkloric custom, it is meant to teach us the essence of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
A sign of contradiction
This is a time of the year when we can deepen our reflection on the meaning of the cross and Christ crucified, which is described in sacred scripture as a… Read More
“The Only Way Up Is Down”
God exalts the humble, and this is the purpose of the season of Lent, and its most intensive time in this one week of the year which we call “Holy.” … Read More
“Free to Be Light, Strength, Healing and Consecration for the World”
The oils which we will soon bless and consecrate will be the means by which Christ whispers those words of love to our hearts, equipping us to be capable of… Read More
“Lent and the Lesson of True Equal Human Dignity”
Our Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting, almsgiving and other works of charity are a recurring reorientation for us, so that we will always keep God at the center of our… Read More
“Honoring God, Remembering Our Heroes, and Preserving the Soul of Our Culture”
Our purpose in coming together tonight – remembering those who have been forgotten, those who have been displaced, made homeless and have become invisible to society – makes it difficult… Read More

Latest events from around the Archdiocese

Apr 26
Eucharistic Miracles and Shroud of Turin Exhibits
Come see the Vatican’s International Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles of the World and the Shroud of Turin! We have selected for exhibition approximately half of the 137 Eucharistic miracles (152… Read More
May 07
Solemn Vespers, Rosary, and Eucharistic Adoration for Hong Kong with Archbishop Cordileone
Join Archbishop Cordileone for a special prayer service for Hong Kong, especially for Cardinal Joseph Zen and Jimmy Lai. Cardinal Zen, 92, is the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong (2002… Read More
May 08
“The Prison Witness of Jimmy Lai” – Holy Hour & Lecture by William McGurn
Holy Hour to Pray for Persecuted Christians and Lecture, “The Prison Witness of Jimmy Lai,” by William McGurn (Wall Street Journal) Join St. Patrick’s Seminary, the Benedict XVI Institute, and… Read More
May 19
Launch of the National Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage Western Route
Join Archbishop Cordileone and the Perpetual Eucharistic Pilgrims for the launch of the National Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage from the West with the St. Junipero Serra Route. The day begins with… Read More
Jun 14
Women’s Retreat for Healing After Abortion
You are not alone! The Archdiocese of San Francisco sponsors Project Rachel which helps women and men heal the pain of abortion and to find the path to peace and… Read More
Jun 17
Stella Maris Academy Summer Camp
Join our Hellenistic Classical Catholic Summer Camp! Is it all Greek to you? Yes, it is! And Roman too! Students in grades 1st to 8th grade are invited to join… Read More
Aug 05
Silent Ignatian Retreat
What is an Ignatian Retreat? An Ignatian Retreat was conceived by Ignatius of Loyola., the founder of the Society of Jesus. Many people find this type of retreat very accessible… Read More

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Gender ideology is a false system of beliefs about the human person, premised on the idea that “human identity becomes the choice of the individual.” According to gender ideology, the person self-determines a “gender identity,” based on feelings or the person’s “sense of self” as male, female, both, neither, or something else—regardless of the person’s actual male or female sex. Gender ideology asserts an individual’s “right” to “transition” to a desired identity, using social, medical or surgical interventions to “feminize” or “masculinize” the body’s appearance.