Archbishop’s Circle

Support Archbishop Cordileone and his vision by funding special programs and initiatives

About the Archbishop’s Circle

The Archbishop’s Circle consists of over eighty households representing about 110 individuals.  Circle members support special programs identified by Archbishop Cordileone.  Without the support of the Circle members, these initiatives would not be funded.

In the current year, Circle projects include sending Seminarians on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, supporting the Rosary Rally, the Walk for Life, a Marriage & Family Life program, the Culture Project, a Deacon’s Assistance Fund, marketing for Catholic schools, and seed funds for a Health Clinic providing family care in accordance with Catholic teaching, among others.

Gratitude from Beneficiaries

The Deacons’ Assistance Fund has been established to provide a loan or grant to deacons, their wives, or widows who find themselves with immediate financial needs.  These funds would not be used for long-term care or as a monthly outlay, but rather as a “gap-coverage” when extra support is needed to cover unforeseen expenses.  The fund may accept contributions, and it is not an endowment.   
Deacon Michael Ghiorso, Director of the Diaconate, says, “Establishing this fund is critical.  It will be an invaluable source of support financially and emotionally for our Deacons and their families.” 

The Culture Project is a group of young missionaries who speak at Archdiocesan schools and support the Archbishop’s vision of a culture in which young people are aided and encouraged in their pursuit of virtue.
In the words of one individual associated with the Culture Project, “Young people are bombarded with messages that would lead them away from God and their own true worth…the missionaries gently, lovingly, and effectively show young people a path to real happiness and true fulfillment – a life of virtue – and they convincingly model it in their own lives.  I am so grateful to the Circle members for their support of this essential ministry.”

Director of Development Rod Linhares noted, “Each year, the Circle projects are a combination of ongoing efforts and new initiatives. The Archbishop’s long-term priorities will be evident, and he’ll also be able to emphasize items that are more urgent at a particular time.”

Members range in age from their 20s to over 90. They come from many professions and life stages, including business, law, education, public service, and retirement, to name a few. Circle members contribute annual amounts ranging from $3,000 to $50,000.

They gather a few times each year for spiritual enrichment and social interaction. In previous years, they’ve spent a day at St. Patrick’s Seminary, enjoyed Advent and Lenten retreats, and an evening with Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria.

The Archbishop’s Circle has proven to be an excellent way to advance the priorities of Archbishop Cordileone and the Archdiocese, and for parishioners from throughout the Archdiocese to come together.

As Circle member Aulola Lavulo (St. Bruno’s, San Bruno), commented, “We’re like a family. It reminds me of the Church itself.”

Join us!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Archbishop’s Circle, please contact Development Director Rod Linhares at 415-614-5581 or [email protected].


Our Lady Queen of Angels: $25,000+

Archangel: $10,000-$24,999

Seraphim: $5,000-$9,999

Cherubim: $3,000-$4,999

Angels of Saint Francis: $1,000-$2,999*
(*Donors under forty years of age)

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