A short course with Jesús María Herrasti & Dr. Stephen Cortright

Sacerdote José María Arizmendiarrieta

What would a Business look like if it was founded on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching?

We hosted a webinar in honor a simple parish priest who against great odds organized his followers to put Catholic social teaching to work and founded the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative business in the world.  Servant of God Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta was the force behind Mondragon Corporation, which today exceeds $13 Billion in revenue and employs over 75,000 worker-owners across the globe through its nearly 300 companies across an array of sectors incuding finance, manufacturing, education, retail, and consulting.  Not only was this man a great business leader, but he is also thought by many to be worthy of being elevated to the altars as a canonized saint.

Many San Franciscans might recognize his name through one of San Francisco’s favorite bakeries called “Arizmendi Bakery”.

Jesus Maria Herrasti

Jesus Maria Herrasti has held various executive positions within companies of the Mondragon Corporation across multiple sectors including being Chairman of Mondragon Corporation.  He has also served several boards including Laboral Kutxa, a Basque credit union. He was also served as mayor of the Town of Aretxabaleta.  He had the pleasure of knowing Josemaria Arizmendiarrieta personally.

Dr. Stephen Cortright

S. A. Cortright is Professor of Philosophy and Tutor, Integral Curriculum of Liberal Arts, at Saint Mary’s College of California, where he has taught for over forty years.  In connection with Catholic social teaching, among other works, he is the author-editor, with Michael J. Naughton and Sr. Helen Alford, OP, of Rethinking the Purpose of Business and Rediscovering Abundance, both from the University of Notre Dame Press.