California bishops’ conference: Gov. Newsom prioritizes abortion over mothers and families

The executive director of the public policy arm of the California bishops today offered a blistering statement criticizing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to sign a raft of bills prioritizing abortion while at the same time vetoing legislation that would have supported poor women and families. California Catholic Conference executive director Kathleen Buckley Domingo also noted that the legislature and governor have placed a pernicious constitutional amendment on the November ballot: “Proposition 1 will only take this further. By enshrining a right to unrestricted abortion, California goes far beyond Roe or current law.”

In her statement, Domingo noted:  “The governor and this legislature have clearly prioritized abortion over the health and wellbeing of California mothers and children. This is not reproductive equity. Improving women’s health and reproductive care would see investment in maternity care, preventive care, and prioritizing the needs of all women in California. Tragically, the legislature prejudices the choice of abortion over women who choose motherhood by supporting and subsidizing only one option. This is not giving women and families equitable reproductive health options ‘in all spheres of life.’ California’s mothers and families deserve better.

Read the entire statement here:

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