How Well do you know the Catholic Faith?

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz* by Catholic Answers Founder, Karl Keating

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz*

There are no trick questions, but there are questions that will trip you up if you fail to read carefully. An answer is counted as wrong if any part of it—such as a date or name—is wrong. Your goal is not to find the answer that is least wrong, but the one answer that is wholly correct, which may be “none of the above”. On average, most informed Catholics score 50%. How well did you do?

* Excerpted with permission from Ignatius Press



1.- The Ark Of The Covenant(Required)
2.- The Patron Of Air Travelers Is?(Required)
3.- Who Committed The First Sin, Not Counting The Fallen Angels?(Required)
4.- Angels(Required)
5.- The Rosary(Required)
6.- A Priest’s Power To Confect The Eucharist(Required)
7.- What Is Circumincession?(Required)

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