Bobby Jones-Hanley

Bobby Jones-Hanley

Pure 1 Executive Director

Bobby is a social justice change agent and entrepreneur dedicated to improving the lives and economic standing of marginalized communities. His passion for positive change is fueled by his personal life experiences. As a system-impacted individual with over 30 years within the criminal justice system, he’s devoted himself to alleviating social injustices and changing the narrative for the formerly incarcerated.

He’s worked in San Francisco’s workforce development, specializing in helping reentry and homeless individuals find employment, secure housing, and increase their educational attainment. He’s a co-chair on the Legislation, Policy, and Practices subcommittee of San Francisco’s Reentry Council and sits on the Strategy Leadership Advisory Team of Excell Network, an organization dedicated to helping the formerly incarcerated change their lives through higher education. He volunteers with numerous organizations including Defy Ventures, Back on My Feet, and has coached students in creating a prosecutorial reform tool at Stanford’s Extreme D.School. Bobby also co-chairs the Criminal Justice & Prison Reform committee of the San Francisco Black & Jewish Unity Coalition.

Reentry Conference Event Page

10:30 am - 12:00 pm
St. Francis Hall | St. Mary's Cathedral - Event Center

Affordable & Fair Chance Housing Reentry Simulation

Join us for an Affordable & Fair Chance Housing event like no other! Come experience the numerous barriers that formerly incarcerated people endure in their first month after release and learn what you can do to help break the cycles of homelessness and recidivism. On September 13th, not only will you be able to participate in a fun and engaging hands-on reentry simulation, our special guest speakers will discuss tangible things that both individuals and organizations alike can do to create pathways to permanent housing, thus advancing safety and justice for everyone. Whether you work for a housing focused government agency or service provider, or you’re simply a community member concerned with public safety and the homeless crisis, this event was designed for you. (Note: The reentry simulation is a highly interactive experiential workshop designed to help people better understand the challenges that over 650,000 people face every year while trying to reintegrate back into the community after a period of incarceration.)