Elizabeth Quiroz

Elizabeth Quiroz

Co-Founder Redemption House of The Bay Area

Author of Purified in The Flame

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Elizabeth Quiroz is an author and graduate of Arizona State University, with a Master of Arts degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is currently at Liberty University to obtain her Ed.D. degree in Christian Leadership: Ministry Leadership. Her goal is to become a Human Rights Activist where she can help make a positive impact on the lives of those transitioning through the justice system. As Elizabeth pursues this goal, she also serves as a Social Worker who assists adults and children through the Child Welfare System at Dependency Legal Services in Santa Rosa, California, and she serves as a human trafficking victim advocate.

Elizabeth’s passion for helping victims of human sex trafficking has led her to start a nonprofit organization that will open a safe-house for human trafficking victims here in Sonoma County called Redemption House of The Bay Area.

Elizabeth does all of this while working with her husband, José Quiroz to raise their children, and working to raise awareness about human trafficking and its long-term impact on the lives of girls and women in communities across the country. Elizabeth’s passion and determination were fueled by a desire to atone for what she describes as mistakes of her past. These mistakes include past drug use, multiple arrests, and incarcerations. But, she has come to realize that these mistakes were a product of her childhood years surrounded by alcoholism, addiction, and being the victim of abuse. Elizabeth was the victim of a broken foster-care system that focused on her negative behavior while missing signs of abuse and trauma. Elizabeth soon found herself trapped in an abusive relationship, the victim of human trafficking, moving from the foster care system to the juvenile justice system, and on to the jail and prison systems.

Elizabeth’s service to the community began upon her enrollment at SRJC, volunteering for the Bear Cub Scholar Program for foster youth. She soon became President of the Second Chance Club, an onsite support program for formerly incarcerated students. On Christmas Eve 2018, Elizabeth received an Unconditional Governor’s Pardon from Governor Jerry Brown through the support of numerous community leaders. In 2021, Elizabeth graduated from Sonoma State University with Distinction, earning a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

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The journey of restoration and healing begins for survivors of human trafficking when they are able to escape modern-day slavery and learn to embrace faith. We invite you to join us as these inspirational survivor leaders share with you their stories of overcoming human trafficking and the ways in which their faith has guided them in making positive changes in their lives.