Excell Network – Reentry Scholarship Program

Restoring Dignity to People Returning Home from Prison

Our Mission

We restore dignity to people returning home from prison by providing scholarship stipends to empower students to achieve academic and career goals.


As members of the universal Catholic Church, we are committed to creating a community that’s supportive of rehabilitating people who have experienced incarceration.

Invest in their education through the Archdiocese of San Francisco Excell Network/Reentry Scholarship Program

Our teams help people who have come home from prison start their lives anew.

  • Receive alerts about student presentations and guest speakers
  • Get Excell Network/Reentry Scholarship Community Breakfast updates
  • Hear our Restorative Justice Radio broadcastings

Do you want to reach your volunteer ​potential?

The Archdiocese’s Excell Network/Reentry Scholarship Program offers you a world of potential. We invest in our students to help them develop and achieve their educational and professional goals. We ​​​encourage our volunteers to dive in, roll up their sleeves and take on the many opportunities to support what we do.

We invite you to share our mission in Christ and our commitment to excellence in everything that we do.

We serve our students with dedication and a great heart because they count on us to be present in their lives and stand by them, every time.

You may be willing to join us in these areas:

  • Mentorship | Grant Writing | Technical Writing | Social Media & Community outreach
  • Administrative Assistant Tasks | Article Writing / Blogging
  • QuickBooks / Accounting | Becoming a Student Ambassador
  • Photo and Video Production

If you would like to volunteer or complete an internship
with the program, please contact Julio Escobar.
Email: [email protected] – Phone: (415) 614-5572