“May reflection and awareness always be accompanied by concrete gestures, which also open up paths to social emancipation. Indeed, the aim is for every enslaved person to return to being a free agent of his or her own life and to take an active part in the construction of the common good.”

-Pope Francis, Video Message to the Participants in the 7th World Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action Against Human Trafficking 

Join us in learning more about human trafficking in order to pray and act against this scourge. Below you will find information about upcoming and past events.

Recordings from Our Past Webinars

About the Speaker: Susan Patterson is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking and author of the book “How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference” which has been acclaimed by anti-Human Trafficking advocates nationwide to be one of the best resources out there because it is practical. Her book has also been recommended by the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops to Catholic communities that want to respond to the call of Pope Frances to take on the fight against human trafficking.

Child Sex Trafficking: What Is It & How to Fight It

Lisa Lungren is the National Education and Outreach Coordinator of Immigration and Anti-Trafficking at USCCB/MRS.

Become A Shepherd in Your Parish

One of the most hidden and vulnerable populations our Church is called to accompany and protect are women, men, and children subjected to forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Over the last two decades, global understanding of the scope and prevalence of human trafficking has evolved, and with that a mounting concern among U.S. Catholics over the crime’s contempt for the dignity and sanctity of human life. Based on best practices from USCCB’s national BECOME A SHEPHERD outreach programs, and successful examples from parishes around the country, this workshop will offer pragmatic, fresh, and creative responses to operationalize a growing Catholic hunger to effectively fight human trafficking. Diocesan and parish leaders will be equipped with an engaging three-pronged approach to transform empathy for victims into action that is effective and long-lasting.

Lisa Lungren is the National Education and Outreach Coordinator of Immigration and Anti-Trafficking at USCCB/MRS. She brings a decade of experience leading and coordinating grassroots outreach, coalition-building in multi- lingual settings, and developing educational resources for varied audiences.

Other Resources

The Sextortion of Minors, the Hidden Pandemic Every Parent Should Know About

In this video, Opal Singleton, a National Cyber Exploitation Expert brings our awareness to the crime of the Sextortion of Minors, which many consider to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.   The Sextortion of Minors is when a pedophile blackmails a child or teen into making and sending them child porn. The shame these minors endure is unimaginable.   They will never tell their parents.  Sometimes they will commit suicide to escape the pain.  This crime is virtually unchecked because of the lack of awareness.

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