Keep Learning!

Our mission at the Online School of Pastoral Ministry is to provide quality Catholic online educational experiences to as many people as possible.
We take great pleasure in bringing in teachers who introduce timeless topics in creative new ways.  We’re particularly interested in exploring how the faith can inform every aspect of our lives — particularly our lives beyond the parish.

“Music and some wider implications: a Catholic composer’s perspective”

With Composer Sir James Macmillan & Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

Does a religious composer only write music for the liturgy?

Catholicism in the Lord of the Rings

A short course with Dr. Peter Kreeft

Dr. Peter Kreeft will delve into this popular series and discuss how it relates to our journey as Catholics.

Bioethics from a Catholic Perspective

A short course with Dr. Joe Zalot

Vaccinations? End-of-Life Decision Making? Brain Death and Organ/Tissue Donation?

C.S. Lewis, Modernity’s Greatest Literary Evangelist

By Dr. Peter Kreeft

C.S. Lewis was not a Roman Catholic but an Anglican, or Anglo-Catholic, and focused on the essentials of what he called “mere Christianity”.

Art, Elevation, & the Liturgy

An online course with Elizabeth Lev

Explore the history of art in the context of the liturgy, specifically works designed to elevate the mind, heart, and spirit during the Mass.

The Catholic Faith And Modern Science

An online course with Dr. Stephen Bar

Prof. Barr will show that the widespread idea that faith and science are opposed to each other is based on serious misconceptions.

Only Wonder Knows: Humanity’s Irresistible Attraction To The Mystery Of Creation

An online course with Dr. Maria Elena Monzani

How can we understand physical reality while being in it?  Why is there something instead of nothing?

Immigration: The In-Between Life Issue

An online course By Dr. Jeffrey Marlett

How is immigration a life issue? Isn’t it simply a matter of political policy over which Catholics may certainly disagree?

Junipero Serra, A Franciscan Missionary In Spain, Mexico And California

An online course by Andrew A. Galvan

Saint Junipero Serra, O.F.M., S.T.D. (1713-84) has historically been revered as the “Apostle of California”.

Faith And Film: Finding God At The Movies

An online course by Dr. Margaret Turek, Dr. Anthony Lilles & Fr. Larry Herrrera, S.J.

“Great stories are concerned with nothing less than the whole point of living”

Women In The Church & The Catholic Mystical Tradition

A short couse by Dr. Anthony Lilles

Women have played an integral role in developing the Catholic Mystical Tradition

A Patron Saint Of Entrepreneurs & Co-Ops?

A short course with Jesús María Herrasti & Dr. Stephen Cortright

A simple parish priest who founded the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative business in the world