Building Healthy Relationships

The Archdiocese of San Francisco – Restorative Parenting Workshop (RPW) aims to empower parents to understand their child’s behavior and the challenges a child may encounter in the world we live in today where violence is prevalent, many feel alienated, and there is an increase in mental health issues in young people.  In addition, the use of digital media by children and young people is decreasing face-to-face interaction and is impacting, in a negative way, the development of social skills and empathy. Children and young people are very vulnerable to the negative values portrayed in many video games, and perhaps above all else, the constant exposure in the media to pornography. 

Failure to develop empathy negatively affects children’s ability to make meaningful relationships, successfully to navigate the world of work and career, and undermines their emotional well-being.   

Developing a strong parenting model helps to restore this balance. Not only does it seek to prevent harm but to heal and rehabilitate relationships already under stress.
The Restorative Parenting Workshop (RPW) provides two separate teachings: a restorative practice rooted in relationship to God and recognition of his love for each one of us – parents and children alike. These talks will be scripture based and aim to restore connection to one’s faith community and to foster a greater sense of belonging in that faith community where spiritual life and strong values may be nourished. The second secular focus of the parenting workshop is the development of parenting skills related to concrete daily practices beginning with best practices for the mother during pregnancy: rest, nutrition, medical visits and the development of a support system for when the baby arrives, etc. The teachings aim to promote stability in the daily routine of growing children where their physical, nutritional, and educational needs are met. When effort is made to meet these needs, children experience greater emotional stability and learn more effectively how to be successful both at school and in their relationships.  

The Restorative Parenting Workshop (RPW) sessions cover a range of reflective concepts, tips and activities, encouraging parents to consider the impact of their current parenting styles and behavior and allowing mothers and fathers to develop new skills needed to heal past hurts, prevent harm in the future and build healthy relationships.  
The Restorative Parenting Workshop provides all those who attend with useful and practical resources to take home.

The Restorative Parenting Workshop (RPW) is offered virtually to Spanish speaking parents. 

The Archdiocese of San Francisco – Restorative Justice Ministry has produced a five-minute video in English and Spanish about the model of Restorative Parenting: Four Parenting Styles and Social Discipline Window. 

The ADSF – Restorative Justice Ministry vision is the living out of our Christian calling to love one another with particular attention to the most vulnerable and underserved among us. 

The goals of The Restorative Parenting Workshop (RPW) are to implement prevention strategies, to offer healing ministries that reflect the love of God our Father for each one of us, and to support individual reintegration into society. This is an investment in families and in communities in order to break the cycle of neglect, alienation, crime and incarceration.   

The Restorative Justice Workshop offers support to parents from pregnancy through birth and after that it helps foster sound parent practices for raising infants and babies, toddlers, preschoolers, middle students, and all the way to adolescence (early, middle and late stages). 

Restorative Parenting topics:

Five to Twelve, Adolescents (early, middle and late stages)

1.      Pregnancy Care
2.      Understanding The Child Development Cycle
3.      Brain Development in Children
4.      Anger Management for Parents and Children
5.      Family Conflict Resolution Management
6.      The Magic of Family Meetings
7.      Gangs Overview
8.      Understanding Styles of Parenting
9.      The Method of Choice
10.  Cooperation & Communication
11.  Discipline Vs. Punishment
12.  Responsibility & Discipline
13.  Building Courage & Self-Esteem
14.  Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior
15.  Parent Involvement in Academic School Success
16.  Types of Drugs and Consequences
17.  Sexuality and Violence: Reducing the Risks, and Prevention Strategies
18.  Understanding the Social and Sexual Development Cycles of Teens

Restorative Parenting Workshop
Biblical Parenting

1.      Faith Family Building
2.      Defeating Rebellion with Love
3.      The Gift of Family Prayer
4.      Family Faith in Action
5.      Activities to Reinforce the Faith
6.      Teaching The Faith By Example
7.      The World vs. The Kingdom of God

Restorative Parenting Workshop
Special Topics

1.      Successful Single Parenting
2.      Detoxing Separation and Divorce, Making Co-parenting Work
3.      Building Love in Step Parenting
4.      Healthy Grandparenthood and Parent Support   
5.      Bullying and Cyberbullying
6.      Children of the Incarcerated: Living and Surviving With Parent In Prison

Who Should Attend:

Spanish Speaking Parents, Grandparents, Stepparents, Divorced and Single Parents

Workshop Sessions Schedule: 
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month – 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Each Parent must register to receive virtual meeting link for the workshop session.