Simone Rizkallah

Simone Rizkallah previously worked at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona as Theology Department Chair and Senior Theology Teacher. She is also an Institute of Catholic Theology Fellow based on the campus of St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her graduate degree is in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Systematic Theology from Christendom College. Her undergraduate studies and professional background include marketing communications, media, radio, and theatre before discovering her passion for the Faith and the call to evangelize through teaching, speaking, and writing.

As the daughter of immigrants from the Armenian Diaspora in Cairo, Egypt, she is an Eastern-Rite Catholic and also an Episcopal appointee of the Eparchial Directors of Religious Education (ECED). The ECED is a catechetical committee of Eastern Catholic directors of religious education appointed by the USCCB’s Eastern Catholic Association of Bishops (ECA).

In her free time she enjoys teaching RCIA, speaking and writing. She has been published in ChurchPOP, Aleteia, Verily, CatholicU, and Ethika Politika and was featured as a Guest Contributor in the book Road Signs for Catholic Teens published by Our Sunday Visitor. She blogs at


Simone Rizkallah, is the Director Of Program Growth At Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) seeks to educate women toward a more profound understanding of their God-given dignity through study in small group communities of faith and friendship. Rooted in the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, Endow affirms the genius of women – the feminine genius – and empowers them to fulfill our culture’s desperate need for an authentic feminine presence in every aspect of life and society.

Endow attracts women of all ages, races, nationalities, and vocations and brings them together to read and discuss papal and magisterial documents as well as the lives and writings of the saints. Endow group members encounter the Catholic intellectual tradition together, sometimes for the very first time, and learn how to recognize, cultivate and live the fullness of their feminine genius in their families, workplaces, and communities.