St. Pius hosts annual Faith and Blue Mass for San Mateo County

By Mary Powers

St. Pius X Catholic Church hosted its 2nd annual Faith and Blue Mass for first responders within the San Mateo County. The Mass was part of the greater National Faith and Blue Weekend honoring first responders and facilitating safer and stronger communities by engaging law enforcement officers and local residents through faith-based organizations.

The Faith and Blue effort is based on the premise that strong communities are built through mutual respect and understanding. Law enforcement and faith institutions are key pillars of each community, and when they work together, neighborhoods thrive.

Included in the Mass was a special tribute to the first responders who passed away the year before with the playing of Taps and the traditional ringing of the bell.

San Mateo County Sheriff Bolanos, Redwood City Police Chief Mulholland, as well as San Mateo Fire Chief Ray Iverson took part in this year’s celebration. The Police chaplain, Deacon Fred Totah, was also in attendance. The Mass was followed by a reception bringing together members of the parish and law enforcement community.

Photos: Dennis Callahan, Archdiocese of San Francisco