A six-week course on the Second Vatican Council with Mark Brumley

This course runs Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM PT (San Francisco) on October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9.

Session 1 (October 5): Getting Started  Vatican_II_Session_1_outline

  • Why Vatican II?
  • What Vatican II Really Said: An Overview of Vatican II and Common Myths about It
  • Why It Matters Today
  • Reading for the next session: Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)

Session 2 (October 12): Working on Worship: Reform of the Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium)

  • Liturgical worship: how and why did Vatican II “reform” the Liturgy?
  • Key ideas of Vatican II on Liturgy
  • Common Myths about Vatican II and the Mass
  • Reading for the next Session: Dei Verbum (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation) 

Notes for Session 2 from Mark Blumley: Vatican_II_Session_2_outline

Session 3 (October 19): It’s a Revelation (Dei Verbum)  

  • How God talks to us and our response to him
  • The Catholic Church, Tradition, and the Bible (Is the Catholic Church ‘biblical’?)
  • The Church goes to Bible Study
  • Reading for the next session: Lumen Gentium (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church)

Session 4 (October 26): Figuring Out the Church (Lumen Gentium)  

  • Mysterious Church, and Catholics, other Christians, other believers, and non-believers
  • Hierarchy, laity, everyone called to holiness, and religious life
  • The Pilgrim Church and Mary in the Mystery of Christ and the Church
  • Reading for the next session: TBD

Session 5 (November 2): The Other Things (Decrees and Declarations)  

  • Eastern-Rite Catholic Churches
  • Bishops, Priests, Laity, Religious Life, Ecumenism, Missions, and the Church and Non-Christians
  • Social Media, Christian Education, and Religious Freedom
  • Reading for the next session: Gaudium et Spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World)

Reading List for Session 5: (the bold items will be the focus)

  • Decree on Eastern Catholic Churches: Orientalium Ecclesiarum
  • Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishops: Christus Dominus
  • Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests: Presbyterorum Ordinis
  • Decree on Priestly Training: Optatam Toitus
  • Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity: Apostolicam Actuositatem
  • Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life: Perfectae Caritatis
  • Declaration on Religious Freedom: Dignitatus Humanae
  • Decree on Ecumenism: Unitatis Redintegratio
  • Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions: Nostra Aetate
  • Decree on the Missionary Activity of the Church: Ad Gentes
  • Declaration on Christian Education: Gravissimum Educationis
  • Decree on Social Communication: Inter Mirifica

Session 6 (November 9): The Church in the World as it is Today (Gaudium et Spes) and the Enduring Legacy of Vatican II  

  • The Church and humanity
  • Some problems: marriage and family, culture, economics, politics, war and peace
  • The Legacy of Vatican II: the past, the present, and the future