Curtin siblings join forces at Archbishop Riordan High School

Curtin siblings Joey, Danny, and Jennifer grew up in Noe Valley and the Cayunga Terrace neighborhoods in San Francisco, attending St. Paul Catholic School. While high school separated them, they have joined forces again at Archbishop Riordan High School.

Danny and Joey, graduates of Riordan High School in 2001 and 2008, commented that their time there was always special.

“The place felt like home the second we walked onto campus,” said Joey Curtin. “It also provided a platform for us to engage in our activities at a high level.”

Danny is now the vice president of Enrollment & Strategy in the Admissions office, and Joey is the boys basketball head coach.

Jennifer went to St. Ignatius Prep and Dominican University. She began her teaching career at SI, but joined her brothers at Riordan, becoming dean of students and coaching volleyball. Jennifer was drawn to teach at Riordan because of the strong community there and the ability to impact students’ lives. “It was an opportunity to go work with great people, family, and friends,” she said.

The Curtins are not alone as siblings working at Riordan. Ken and Bob Harrington teach math and history, and Athletic Director Bob Greene works with his younger brother Patrick, a gameday associate.

Working at Riordan allows the Curtins to live the values instilled in them by their parents, Ana and Joe. Those values include respect, honesty, and making a positive impact on the community.

Their Catholic faith also plays a role in their work with the Riordan community.

“The choice to work at a Catholic school allows us to carry our family values into our everyday lives,” said Jen Curtin. “We make it a priority to live out the Marianist Charisms and Catholic teachings learned throughout our academic careers and Catholic upbringing. Our worldview was heavily shaped by our interactions and lessons with the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Jesuits,  and the Marianist clergy we now call colleagues.”

Teaching at Riordan, the Curtin siblings have a shared purpose.

“We want our students to understand that discipline, personal accountability, and honesty will allow them to accomplish goals they did not even know they were capable of,” said Danny Curtin.